About Us


While we implement the motto bar Buildings worth living a, which we have embraced as İZPEK, we bring to life each of our projects by creating beneficial and natural structures. In order to offer aesthetic, comfortable and sound structures, we prioritize quality and we use materials and workmanship that serve this purpose in every detail of our project.

First of all, with our Izmir based projects, we continue to sign the works that will gain the trust of our people and to be remembered as a known and trusted company in the construction sector. For this, we work day and night, from the moment we imagine our projects to the moment when the last nail is crashed, we control every step.

We always prioritize the safety with our A class occupational safety specialist in all our business, which we act with the principle of human and nature. While we are producing new living spaces, we are also trying to have a share in the city structuring of our country with urban transformation projects, and we are planning to invest in your trust and peace.

In addition to all of these, we planted 10 saplings for each apartment and contributed to the preservation of the natural balance. As a company that is sensitive to the needs of our country and the world with its similar social responsibility projects, respectful to itself and its environment, and produces high quality and technological projects, we continue our way with the support of you with the support of you.




Our Mission

While continuing its existence in the construction sector with high quality and state-of-the-art projects, to continue to exist as a company that is at peace with nature, sensitive to the environment and observing the values ​​of the society it lives.

Our Vision

To be a trusted and preferred brand in the sector by implementing projects that are worth living and environmentally friendly.