OHS Policy


As we realise eco-friendly, modern, technological "Buildings Worth Living In" as IZPEK, we continue our journey with the awareness that we are not alone in this journey and that we are a huge family. We see all of our friends, who are walking along with us on the journey to our goals as one of us, and we pursue policies that protect their health and their families, which also help them be socially-satisfied.

Within the context of this policy, IZPEK undertakes;

  • To comply with the laws and regulations pertaining to occupational health and safety in our country or in the country of work,
  • To consider the expectations of all parties, including employers, when implementing the Occupational Health and Safety management system,
  • To periodically review the OHS Policy in order to maintain compliance with the requirements,
  • To implement OHS experiences acquired with public and private sector organizations as well as non-governmental organizations and share them with our stakeholders,
  • To prevent precarious environments that may lead to accidents and eliminate current precarious environments,
  • To be prepared for emergencies,
  • To make the necessary announcements and to carry out the necessary training and awareness-raising activities in order to ensure that all of our employees are aware of their OHS responsibilities,

To provide the necessary education and training to ensure that all our suppliers and subcontractors become aware of the occupational health and safety policies and requirements.



''We plant 10 saplings for each apartment we built''