Each day comes with new needs. 

İzpek TREND Bornova is a peaceful, modern and high quality living area that meets all the needs of new life.



New İzmir rises here. Come and take your place in the most popular location in new İzmir.The most privileged ‘’TREND’’ introduces you a new life standarts with great features. 

Each day comes with new needs. İzpek Trend Bornova is rising with the assurance of İZPEK as a peaceful, modern and high quality living spaces in the city wihch meets all the needs of new life.Choose from a total of 168 independent living spaces that reflect your personality.

Trend is more than LIVING between the walls. It offers technology and high standarts. But, most importantly it will fulfill your expectatons.You can have more safer and easier life by parking garage and 24-hour active security points.

YOU WILL EXPERIENCE THE STYLE IN YOUR FIRST STEP Turn the key and step into your living space, you will understand the difference of Trend Bornova.You will feel the difference with the smart home system equipped with the latest technology and detailed architectural features.


You will enjoy spending time in your spacous kitchen with fully equipped latest-technology kitchen applances.Not just meal time, you will enjoy kitchen every seconds. NEW TREND : BEING SOCIAL. Spend your lesure time in most quality ways and enjoy your life. With İzpek Trend Bornova, the most quality activities will be wating at your doorstep.


IZPEK TREND has 1+0, 1+1, 2+1 and 3+1 apartment options.