MyVista Aliağa

Life has begun in MyVista, the project that changed lifestyle in Aliağa.

MyVista meets its owners in 2016 with unique facilities.



MyVista Aliağa has 3 + 1, 2 + 1 and 1 + 1 apartment options. There are communal areas such as swimming pool, children's playground, meeting room, parking, cafes, market, fitness, mobile cinema in the living area.

MyVista was built in the Siteler District, the most popular and developed area in Aliaga. The project offers a different life in Aliağa with its fresh airspace and great view.

High quality materials, workmanship and productive living spaces were designed. For the energy efficiency and conservation, the highest level of insulation was applied. Designs with aesthetically different, modern marks have been prepared and applied.


MyVista Aliağa has Swimming Pool, Children's Playground, Sauna, Outdoor and Indoor CarParking, Cinema and Meeting Hall as common areas.

MyVista has 51 ve 55 m2 1 + 1, 65 m2 2+1122 ve 130 m2 3+1  apartment options in 4 different blocks.