New Generation Smart Houses Rising in Aliaga

Our second project in Aliağa consists of 72 apartments with MyVista SMART 2 + 1 and 3 + 1 options.



Equipped with the next generation smart home system, MyVista SMART makes your home ideal for you. For example, you have left your home and you have been away from a certain distance, the system understands that you will not be in the house for a long time and reduces the electricity, water, blinds etc. to the required level. When you get close to home, the system provides the ideal environment for you.


There are communal areas such as swimming pool, meeting room, children's playground, steam room, terrace in every block. With the underfloor heating system, automatic blinds and the new generation of exterior cladding, the project also has the highest level of energy efficiency.

94 m2 2 + 1, 126 m2 3 + 1 apartment options are located in 4 blocks.