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Urban Transformation Projects

Natural disasters and outdated structures pose a threat to safety of life and property both in Turkey and globally. The services carried out for the reconstruction of indurable buildings or the buildings that structurally should not be used anymore, with the support of the state and with the aim of building modern cities are also called Urban Transformation Services. Within the scope of Law No. 6306 on the Reinforcement of Risky Buildings under the Disaster Risk, IZPEK redesigns buildings in the city centre, districts, villages and hamlets in compliance with the urban transformation criteria and makes the individuals living in these areas homeowners without having to settle somewhere else.

Real Estate Investment Consultancy

IZPEK also realises "Buildings Worth Living In" while also keeping the investors wishing to make profit from these buildings in mind. With years of experience in this sector, we work hard to recommend the most accurate and profitable investment opportunities to investors and look out for the investor's interests through thorough analysis pertaining to these investments. We keep our research and projects on this subject up-to-date and we provide services on this matter actively.

Build-and-Sell Projects

Housing is one of the most basic needs of every individual. The more peaceful, modern and high-quality the place you call "Home" and live in with your family is, the better the living standards of you and your family will be. Based on this understanding, IZPEK always keeps in mind the social facilities and needs in order to provide people with modern, high-quality and aesthetically pleasing buildings. With the end-product being the "Buildings Worth Living In" project, we aim to put our knowledge and experience into our project so that people can lead a peaceful and happy life.

Flat for Land Projects

The services we offer as IZPEK İnşaat include designing your land in the best possible way regardless of the location, realising projects on your land that will create a difference with their modern style and high quality, and offer you a life in the flat you will get for your land.