Take your place in most featured project in Aliaga...

IZPEK STATION, The most special project of the region with its location, architecture and material quality. The project offers a new lifestyle to Aliağa with high its common features and modern architecture lines.



Izpek STATION, equipped with new generation smart home systems, will be able to remotely control many features from electricity to heating even if you are not at home. Izpek STATION, offering a work of art with its design, carries a spacious identity with its elegant and natural design traces. 

The special insulation form developed against all external factors that make you uncomfortable in everyday life has been applied with care and perfection.

İzpek STATION brings together a comfortable life in a peaceful and safe place with rich social facilities. You will be able to spend great time with your family in common areas..


It's time to start a social and pleasant life at this station.The new generation smart home system, Fitness, SPA, Children's playgrounds, Security, Indoor and outdoor car parking, indoor and outdoor swimming pool, meeting room in common areas such as Izpek STATION ...


Izpek STATİON has 1+1, 2+1 and 3+1 apartment options.